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 for your smile


Founded in 2003 in the city of Maringá/PR, Maquira is a national company focused on the development, production and marketing of efficient and economically attractive products for the dental field. Maquira started its activities with a single product, the box for mobile orthodontic device. Today, in addition to expertise in the field of plastic injection, the company operates in other segments of the dental market, such as: resin composites, glass ionomer cements, dental printing materials, biological indicators, among others. Currently, our mix comprises more than 300 products online.

The construction of this successful platform is a reflection of an open and collaborative management model, always counting on continuous investments in human and organizational development, research & development, improvement of our production processes (regulatory affairs), and consolidation of strategic commercial partnerships in the national and international scope, in addition to the entire infrastructure.

On infrastructure, we are pleased to introduce the company’s new manufacturing plant as shown below. A further 7,000 square meters are incorporated into the existing structure, totaling 12.000 square meters. This allows Maquira to have even more efficiency in its production process, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.

The plan is to expand more and more in the National and International market, through efforts made by the team, with continuous improvement in the quality of its products, better logistics investments in training and infrastructure. After all, we are “Inspired by your smile”.


Provide a diversified portfolio, safely and effectively producing the best product options for dental professionals. Our responsibility goes beyond the delivery of our products.


To be the leading company in dental consumables in Brazil, recognized for the safety of its products, for its passion for the business and for the efficiency of its operations.

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