Nanohybrid composite resin


Is a nano-hybrid composite (contains particles of micro and nano-sized load) and a radiopaque, simplified color system (delivers the colors to enamel, dentin and incisal), and is designed to the functional and aesthetic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth; Features in the range of 40 nm particles to 2.0 µm average particle size of 0.7 µm, total of inorganic content by weight load between 77 and 78%;
Suitable for:
1. Occlusal Restorations, proximal and
occlusal-proximal of small and medium size;
2. Restorations of anterior teeth class III, IV and V;
3. Direct composite resin Veneers;
4. Reattachment of tooth fragment;
5. Reducing or closing of diastema;
6. Correct and/or change the form and/or the color of one or several teeth;
7. Structural defects: amelogenesis imperfecta, hipoplasias, cervical lesions not enamel caries;
8. Deciduous teeth restorations;

The colors of enamel and dentin follow with fidelity the Vita Classical scale;
Easy identification of the colors through the letters: E (enamel), D (dentin) and Incisal;
Its mechanical properties meet the requirements of anterior and posterior restorations;
Excellent radiopacity;
Light curing:
– 20 seconds for enamel and incisal colors
– 40 seconds for dentine colors;
Excellent consistency, easy handling, no pulling wire;
Ergonomic packaging: cap attached to the syringe body;
Reduced sensitivity to light.

Packages with:
Packing with: syringe 4g.