Temporary Restorative Obtur

The TEMPORARY RESTORATIVE OBTUR presents adhesion to the walls cavity and ensures a well-sealed margin, which is extremely important during endodontic procedures, especially when performing the root canal filling and after procedure. Prevent microleakage by body fluids and bacteria the mouth and also prevent the passage of intracanal medication the pulp chamber to the oral environment. This product contains 25g each unit.

– 101021003 Temporary Restorative Obtur Regular;

– 101021004 Temporary Restorative Obtur Fluor.

– Available in REFILL;

– Easy handling;

– Well-sealed margin;

– Service Agility;

– Good consistency;

– Easy application and removal (bur/curette);

– Fluorine Version: aids in place treated with sensibility;

– Available in Normal and Fluoride version.

The material can not be used as a final restorative cement.

Time to fix: 3-5 minutes and cure: 15-30 minutes.

Apply desired amount to be temporary restored, with the aid of a spatula.

The place must be clean and dry.

Setting time: 3-5 minutes Curing time: 15-30 minutes.