Matriz Universal – KIT 25

The preformed matrix system (disposable) is recommended for Class II restorations and encompasses sectional matrices and a pilers fixing system.

– 104008003 Matriz Universal – KIT 25

– Facility in the reconstruction of the point of contact;

– The design of the matrices favors the restoration of the anatomy.

Check the size of the sectional matrix (S,M or L) to see whether it is better to adapt the cavity to be restored. Put the matrix on the proximal surface to be restored and then on the wedge and afterwards use the plier fixing system with the silicon protectors. Obs.: The use or non use of pilers and silicone protectors and the way how they are installed depends of the personal preference of each user and the clinical situation.

Carry out the restoration process. As soon as it is completed, remove the plier and then the wedge and finally the matrix.