Maquira Pin

Pins for intraradicular molding and manufacture of metal nuclei by the direct and indirect techniques.

– 108001001 Pino Maquira – 50 un.

– Indicated for intraradicular molding of metal nuclei;

– Differentiated pin design, better retention of the molding material;

– Used in direct and indirect techniques;

– Packaging containing 50 pins.

Yes, fracture-resistant material and adhesion to reline resins.

Molding intra root: Prepare the space inside the root and adapt Pino Maquira with gaps between the walls of the channel. Apply the adhesive on the rod according to the material of choice. Apply Inject impression material in Pin and enter the channel. After drying the material, to its removal.

Confection of metal cores by direct technique: Prepare the space inside the root and to insulate the conduit. Make the reline acrylic resin Pino Maquira in intraradicular preparation. confection Coronary part of the core. Remove and send to casting.