Polyester Strip

AIRON POLYESTER STRIP is used to separate the tooth to be restored its neighbor. To obtain a perfect restoration it is necessary to use the strip of polyester, with the function of confining under pressure, the restorative material in the cavity. Protects the cement during the gelation reaction, resulting in hardening of the material, loss or absorption of moisture present in the site.

– 104013001 Polyester Strip 50 Strips

– Product fulltransparent;
– Used to separate the tooth to be restored its neighbor;
– Perform perfect restoration confining under pressure.

– Measures: 10mm X 120 mm x 0,05 mm

This material is used by the professional to separate the tooth to be restored of the tooth that this next.

The professional afterwards of utilizes it in their procedures must discard the material, because the strip is not sterile.

The fixing of the strip is aided by the presence of a wooden wedge.

As the areas close to the front teeth are usually convex in both the bucco-lingual direction, as in the inciso-gingival and the strips are flat, you must give them the shape of the surface to be made.

It should be pulled on the rounded end of a dressing forceps. The degree of convexity to be given to the strip depends on the size and contour of the planned restoration. Sometimes you need to cut it in both length and in width.

Then, the matrix should be taken among the teeth, so that the convex area can be properly located