Hemospon Size and Standard

It is a reabsorbable lyophilized, highly-porous, porcine, collagen, hemostat, and healing sponge (gelatin), which is specially indicated during and after odontological surgical procedures (e.g.: cyst and tumor removal, biopsy etc.) for obtaining local hemostasis, mainly when the bleeding control for ligatures or conventional procedures is ineffective and impracticable. Hemospon® – Size and Standard also acts keeping the blood clot in the surgical chamber, protecting the wound bed, and speeding the healing process, thus, preventing post-operative complications.

– 0102025005 Hemospon – Size 100 (125 x 80 x 10 mm) 1 un;

– 102025006 Hemospon Standard 70 (70 x 50 x 10 mm) 1 un;

– 102025007 Hemospon Standard 80 (80 x 50 x 10 mm) 1 un.

– Pure pharmaceutical hemostat sponge: 100% of lyophilized, porcine collagen (gelatin).

– Light material: about 10 mg.

– It absorbs 40-50 folds its own weight in total blood.

– Multifunctional product: bleeding control, blood clot stabilization, filling of the spaces generated in surgeries, healing process acceleration, and protection of the surgical wound bed.

– It makes possible great visualization of the surgical field.

– Reabsorbable: it is completely reabsorbed by the organism in 15 days.

– Biocompatible: atoxic and non-pyrogenic material, without risks of intolerance or counter indications.

– It can be applied dried or saturated with sterile saline solution or antibiotics.

– Versatile for daily use: its size can be easily reduced at any required pattern.

– It reduces the surgical intervention time.

– Practicable, safe, and reliable.

– Product ready for use and packed in individual blisters, thus, preventing cross-contamination.

– It is sterilized for gamma radiation. Dimensions:

– Hemospon® Size 100: 125 x 80 x 10 mm

– Hemospon® Standard: 70 x 50 x 10 mm

– Hemospon® Standard: 80 x 50 x 10 mm

Depois do procedimento cirúrgico (como como remoção de cistos e tumores, biópsias etc.), selecionar Hemospon® Standard ou Size de acordo com as características dimensionais da cavidade. Hemospon® Standard ou Size deve ser cortado no tamanho desejado (espessura, comprimento e largura) e utilizado na menor quantidade necessária para obtenção da hemostasia;

Hemospon® Standard ou Size pode ser comprimido e aplicado seco à superfície hemorrágica;

Manter a esponja no local com pressão moderada até que seja obtida a hemostasia (10 a 15 segundos). Em geral, a esponja de gelatina estanca a hemorragia na primeira tentativa, caso contrário, deve-se fazer uma aplicação adicional utilizando-se novos pedaços de esponja. Estancada a hemorragia, os pedaços de Hemospon® Standard ou Size devem ser deixados no local, caso contrário a hemorragia poderá recomeçar;

Fechar (suturar) a ferida cirúrgica mantendo o Hemospon® Standard ou Size.