Acid Gel 37% phosphoric

ACID GEL is a gel which has in its base phosphoric acid at a concentration of 37%, being the most efficient and used acid to attack the dentin and/or enamel, allowing a better retention of resin materials. Its suitable viscosity and the presence of the dye allow a safe application, no risk of flowing and better visualization of the region to be conditioned. – Pack with 03 syringes containing 2.5 ml each + tips.

– 101005001 Acid Gel 37% phosphoric 3 Syringes w/ 2,5ml (each).

– Adequate viscosity and presence of blue detection dye, which allows for safe application, reducing the risk of outflow and providing a better view of the region to be conditioned;

– Strong anti-bacterial action (formula with Clorhexidine 2%);

– Used to attack the dentin and/or enamel.

The 37% phosphoric acid gel shall be applied on the enamel margins, Internal enamel and dentin for approximately 20 seconds, independent of patient age.

The acid etching 37% Maquira allows obtaining a sealing appropriate and reinforces all the remaining tooth structure.

After prophylaxis with pumice, rinse and dry the area to be conditioned.

The isolation of the teeth is indicated by using cotton rolls or if possible with a rubber dam sheet.

Apply the conditioner on the desired area and leave it for 30 seconds on the enamel and 15 seconds on the dentin. Warning: fluoridated teeth may need a second application.

After conditioning, remove the gel with an aspirator or water spray and thoroughly wash all areas conditioned by 15 seconds.

Dry with dental oil-free air compressor.

Note: The enamel when properly conditioned, will have a matt-white appearance, if this does not occur, repeat the process of enamel for extra 20 seconds.